The misérables and the javanais are back!

The misérables and the javanais are back!

Le Pain d'Antan says goodbye to summer and hello to autumn with its seasonal delights!

As the leaves begin to fall and the days grow shorter, our artisan bakery Le Pain d'Antan naturally adjusts its range of cakes to reflect the flavours of the season. Our delicious red fruit cakes have left their mark on our summer memories, but it's time to say goodbye to them for this year.

But don't be sad, because with the arrival of autumn, we're reintroducing two of our best-loved cakes: Javanais and Miserable. These typical sweets, rich in flavour and texture, are perfect to accompany a hot tea or coffee on these chilly days.

The javanais, with its alternating layers of biscuit and coffee buttercream, is a treat for coffee lovers. As for the miserable, its divine blend of almonds, buttercream and light biscuit is simply irresistible.

At Le Pain d'Antan, we firmly believe in authenticity and tradition. That's why we carefully select our ingredients and adapt our range according to the season. It's our way of guaranteeing you a unique taste experience, every time you visit.

We invite you to drop by the bakery to sample these autumnal wonders.

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