Le Pain d'Antan unveils its new collection of luxury pralines

Le Pain d'Antan unveils its new collection of luxury pralines

A gourmet journey for connoisseurs

Artisan bakery Le Pain d'Antan, renowned for its commitment to quality and craftsmanship, is proud to announce the launch of its new range of premium pralines this Friday 15 December 2023. Our collection, specially designed for discerning chocolate lovers, features five assortments of pralines, each offering an exceptional taste experience.

  1. Starter set (10 pralines): this box is an invitation to discover refinement through a meticulously chosen assortment, ideal for those looking to savour the elegance of handmade chocolate.
  2. Instense Dark Box (10 pralines): specially designed for dark chocolate lovers, this box highlights the depth and intensity of the purest chocolates, offering a rich flavour experience.
  3. Discovery Box (15 pralines): perfect for those who want to explore a range of flavours, this box offers a discovery of all our pralines, reflecting the diversity and creativity of our chocolate factory.
  4. Praliné Box (15 pralines): with a minimum of 70% dried fruit, our pralines are a true masterpiece. This box is dedicated to those who appreciate the harmonious union of chocolate and dried fruit.
  5. Gourmet Box (24 pralines): the ultimate indulgence, this box offers a variety of our pralines, allowing you to sample the excellence of our range.

At Le Pain d'Antan, we pride ourselves on working with the highest quality ingredients, ensuring that each praline is not only a pleasure for the taste buds, but also a work of art. Our pralines are the result of traditional know-how, combining innovation and respect for ancestral chocolate-making techniques.

We invite you to discover this new collection in shop.

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