Personalised Galettes des Rois from 3 January at Le Pain d'Antan

Personalised Galettes des Rois from 3 January at Le Pain d'Antan

From 3 January, get ready to welcome the tradition of Epiphany in the most gourmet way possible at Le Pain d'Antan. We are delighted to announce the return of our famous galettes des rois (French King Cake), prepared with a unique touch that is sure to delight young and old alike.

A renewed tradition: In keeping with tradition, our galettes des rois are made with the greatest care, offering a crispy puff pastry and a creamy frangipane. Like every year, we have decided to renew this tradition by offering our galettes without beans.

Choose your bean: When you buy in shop, you will have the unique opportunity to personalise your galette by choosing between a traditional bean, representing a nativity scene character, and a themed bean, often inspired by cartoon characters. Our team will then insert the bean of your choice directly into the galette, allowing you to personalise your Epiphany experience.

Why no beans? This innovative approach allows each of our customers to personalise their galette, making each Epiphany even more special. Whether you are a fan of tradition or looking to create new memories with the young ones, our galettes des rois are designed to please everyone.

Guaranteed quality and freshness: At Le Pain d'Antan, we are committed to using only the finest ingredients, ensuring that each galette des rois is not only delicious but also fresh and of the highest quality.

Come and discover: We invite you to come and discover our galettes des rois from 3 January in our bakery. It is the perfect opportunity to share a moment of conviviality and enjoyment with your loved ones.

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