Le Pain d'Antan launches its range of biscuits

Le Pain d'Antan launches its range of biscuits

Le Pain d'Antan unveils its new range of artisan biscuits! Forget industrial biscuits and plunge into a world of authentic flavours reminiscent of our grandmothers' sweet treats.

Discover Diamonds in a range of flavours: plain, chocolate or lemon. These crunchy biscuits coated in glittering sugar are reminiscent of a precious diamond in their shape and shine.

Fans of crunchy biscuits won't be left out with the marquises, these shortbread biscuits coated in chocolate.

For those who love coconut, our coconut rochers are a real invitation to travel. Each bite is a reminder of tropical islands.

Finally, the discreet but essential star: the financiers. These little sweets, with their nutty butter flavour, come in three varieties: plain, hazelnut and pistachio. An irresistible trio to accompany your coffee or tea.

When you choose Le Pain d'Antan, you're opting for home-made quality. Our biscuits are made with love, from ingredients selected for their quality.

Don't resist any longer and come and discover our range of biscuits at the bakery.

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