Our pastry Yule logs are waiting for you!

Our pastry Yule logs are waiting for you!

Le Pain d’Antan is pleased to offer you a selection of pastry yule logs that will make your Christmas dinner even more festive!

  • The Carawète : This flagship dessert has been dressed up in its most festive attire to reach your tables: peanut mousse, chocolate brownie biscuit, milk chocolate icing and caramel, all delicately placed on peanuts coated with salted butter caramel.


  • The Vanille Gourmand : Layered on a hazelnut and milk chocolate shortbread, a delicate Madagascar vanilla mousse wraps around a creamy heart of Madagascar vanilla and a subtle hint of 70% cocoa chocolate, all topped with a milk chocolate glaze sprinkled with hazelnut chips.


  • La Framboisier : This dessert is composed of a raspberry mousse accompanied by a raspberry confit delicately placed on a soft vanilla cream. It is wrapped in a Joconde biscuit, all placed on a shortbread pastry. The whole is sublimated by soft meringue and fresh raspberries.


  • The Mango Passion : A subtle blend of flavours and textures. A soft almond biscuit on a crunchy shortbread, topped with a mango passion fruit mousse and an insert of poached mangoes with vanilla. And to sublimate it even further, it is surrounded by a magnificent white chocolate decoration.


  • The Piedmont : A dessert composed of a hazelnut praline sabayon glazed with praline chocolate, placed on a soft hazelnut cake topped with an old-fashioned praline, all accompanied by a mixture of salted butter caramelised dried fruits at the heart of a 45% milk chocolate crust.


  • The Tutti Frutti : A soft vanilla biscuit, accompanied by a variation of fruits (raspberries, pineapple, mandarins), sublimated by 2 successive layers of vanilla mousseline cream and mango confit, under a fresh fruit cream and a white chocolate and hazelnut glaze.


  • The Royal Chocolat :  It is composed of a melting chocolate mousse and an insert of vanilla crème brûlée. This beautiful duo is placed on a "crunchy feuilletine" palette, all laid on a bed of almond biscuit and enveloped in a cocoa jelly.

All our pastry Yule logs are available in individual format or in large single format (for 4 to 6 people). 

Order them before the 22nd of December (included).

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