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Les p’tits plaisirs givrés


Discover our four frosted treats:

Vacherin Raspberry Vanilla
Intense Pistachio
Lemon Slice

Vanilla from Madagascar, hazelnuts from Piedmont, pistachios from Sicily – only quality ingredients are used for gourmet Italian ice creams, Pain d’Antan style... 

Les plaisirs givrés

en 500 ml

Discover our 500ml frosted treats:

Madagascar vanilla 
Piedmont hazelnut 
Sicilian pistachio 
Valrhona chocolate 
Intense speculoos 
Raspberry sorbet 
Lemon sorbet 
Mango sorbet 
Passion sorbet 

We’re also working on lots of other flavours, such as salted caramel and caramelised pecan ice cream, intense coffee ice cream, etc.
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